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Infographics Designer – Let Us Design Your Graphics

Welcome to the place that gives you graphics with the potential to go viral.

So what are we all about?

  1. Infographic Sales – We design and create wonderful infographics based on your concept and content
  2. Animated infographic Sales – We design and develop animated infographics based on your concept and content
  3. Our Inspiration Section – submit your infographic to our inspiration section for all to see and we will also link back to the source so that the viewer can see what company is responsible for it

The whole concept around infographics means they need to be WOW, not just another graphic. This comes from both the content and the design so we need to work together :-)

We have been involved in making lots of graphics and feel they are a great way to market your business, both on-site and off-site. They are great for many reasons;

  1. Reduce bounce rate on your page
  2. Keeping people on your website for longer
  3. Getting social exposure through likes, +1 etc
  4. Gaining high value links from people talking about the graphic and listing it on their websites
  5. Splits you apart from all the other static website with little imagination
  6. Getting a message across with visual aids can often have better results

No matter what the reason for your graphic we can help it go viral if the content is good. Not every graphic works as well as you hoped and some far outdo your expectations. Its all on who sees the graphic and if they like it. Its like a lot of things online you have to work hard for them to gain maximum exposure. Some good tips to help things go Viral can be found on our infographics going viral page.

A quick description of each area on the website

  1. Prices – this area allows you to see what we charge and you can also email us from this area requesting work done
  2. Go Viral – this area gives you some of the graphics we have generated and also some tips to help your graphic go viral
  3. Animated – this area shows you an example of what is possible with animated infographics and what you get when you order one
  4. Submit – this area allows you to submit your infographic for inclusion in our inspiration section of the website
  5. Inspiration – this section is an area for people to put their graphics to help inspire other people. It allows you to view people’s work, as well as ours, and see who has created them
  6. About – this tells you who we are
  7. Contact – this allows you to send us an email either to enquire about a service or order a service from us

Some people generate graphics like these weekly or monthly and others as one offs, what ever you need we are ready to get to work, so don’t delay email today!


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