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Welcome and thank you for visiting the website. We appreciate your visit.

This site was started as a micro site for a niche service. We love infographics and our designers are great at what they do. Because of that we have set up this site to give them a boost!

This site is set up and owned by Infaweb Limited so when you go through to PayPal this is the name you will see. We are a Scottish company with a clear focus on online marketing. The director, Jonathan Harrison, has years of experience in SEO and love’s the search world. So if you need any search marketing services give us a shout over at

So why did we set this site up and not just put a sub directory on infaweb? This is simple, we wanted to make a really nice site that was totally dedicated to infographics, not just for there SEO benefits but also for the all round marketing benefits. To do this we needed to launch a site just dedicated to the cause and we hope you like it.

Some example of the work our designers have done;

We love speaking with people so please do not hesitate to contact us. We can design you graphics, host your graphic on this site or help you to try and make your graphic go viral.

Graphics To Blow Your Mind!