Infographics Designer

Infographics Going Viral

It does not happen on its own, you need to give it a nudge.

If you really want to make your graphic boost your business and online visibility you need to think long and hard about a few things;

  1. What content will you use – it has to be unique, new, inspiring, audience capturing
  2. The design has to be clever and enjoyable, this is what we are good at :-)
  3. You need to tell people its available once its loaded to your website (we have a partner company that can help with this, email us for further information), examples;
    • Press release
    • Social Media
    • Submit it to good Infographic websites with a link back to the master page


Interact with any exposure on social media to get as much exposure as possible and make sure your graphic is in keeping with your website theme and your business ethos.


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