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Some History About Edinburgh


Edinburgh is a great place with lots to see and do but how did it become what it is? This great infographic provided by shows us some fascinating facts.

The one I love the most is in 1652 with the Journey Coach to London. 2 weeks, imagine asking someone to spend 2 weeks for a journey of that size these days…

This great graphic helps us see what has made Edinburgh what it is today, a great place with a great history. If you have never been up to see the Castle it is a must! It is also great to spend some time looking round on a city break, there are lots of local places you can also visit if you have more time to look around. Scotland has some gems if you have the time to look for them.

This infographic only mentions a few of the many things Edinburgh has in its History but its great fun and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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