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Microsoft SharePoint Misconceptions

SharePoint Misconceptions

SharePoint is a wonderful tool and this graphic from shows some misconceptions people have. Its a great way of breaking some doors down and telling people how it really is.

Its amazing how you can have a website and not realise which platform it is built on. You will have been on lots of SharePoint websites and not even known. That’s what good development and design does.

The good thing about the information on this graphic is it was created by Microsoft Gold Partners so they really know what they are talking about. If you can’t trust the information in this graphic then you what can you trust? And they are really good at what they do, I know this as I know the team over at Evoke IT and they put 200% into everything. What they are able to do with SharePoint I did not even know was possible. There is more to it than you first think, especially since 2013 was rolled out and the SEO improvements where released.

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